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Tracking your daily scrum meetings has never been easier.
Scrumbs is a lightweight agile management tool, designed to make the scrum masters life easier. Keep logs of the daily scrum meetings, know what your team is up to, manage impediments, and generate reports. It has never been easier, and we don't charge you a dime.
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Keep logs of your daily stand-up meetings. Easily track what each person in your team has been up to.
Create and manage impediments. Keep an eye on what is slowing the development process.
Scrumbs works with agile tools you already use. Forward your data without ever leaving the app.
Generate reports of logs and impediments in the system, make better decisions based on your data.
Bringing you the best experience.
Scrumbs was designed to provide the best possible experience through simplicity and style. Our main objective was to make something that not only looks good, but feels great to use.
Easy access from anywhere.
Scrumbs' software architecture was born as a passion project. It allows it to run on most mobile devices, browsers and desktops, providing the same experience across multiple platforms.
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